3 PPC Hacks for a small budget PPC campaign

3 Small Budget PPC Hacks

New to PPC or is your existing paid search strategy stressing you out? Cut costs right now with these 3 small PPC Hacks. Yep, that’s right we like to keep things simple here at VooDoo.

PPC Hack 1. M-Commerce: Choose The Right Devices For Your Business

Review the costs across desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Costs per conversions on a mobile device are doubling ones from desktop computers. If you’re website is optimised for mobile search, just focus your PPC budget on mobiles and tablets.

*If your site is not optimised for mobile search yet you advertise on mobile devices, you could be haemorrhaging up to 30% of your PPC budget on traffic that will never convert!

PPC Hack 2. Keywords: Analyse Negative Keywords

If you have been managing your PPC campaigns for a while you will have accumulated history. You should check what keywords brought visitors to your website and remove poorly performing keywords.

If you are only setting up your PPC/Google AdWords account, a quick Google search should highlight keywords that are performing well within your industry.

3 PPC Hacks for a small budget PPC campaignAny words that appear beside your initial search but are not specific to your business are negative and should not be used in your PPC campaigns. Related search terms at displayed the bottom of search results are also great indicators of keywords and key terms.

3 PPC Hacks


You can use these terms in your PPC campaigns and also as topics to blog about. Blogging will boost your SEO efforts and power your organic search.

PPC Hack 3. Landing Pages: Make Clicks Convert

Is it vital to ensure your PPC ads direct traffic to a purpose built landing page; otherwise you risk your clicks bouncing. Your landing page should not always be your websites homepage. For instance if your PPC ad copy reads “Car Finance Available From Only 8.45% APR. Apply Online Now!”
A paid ad should lead to a page on your website that tells the customer what your ad has promised to tell them. In this instance, this PPC ad would lead to a landing page dedicated to the car finance options available to the user. The landing page should also feature an application form for the user to fill out.

Of course, there are many ways to optimise a Google AdWords/PPC account, to get more bang for your buck call a member of the VooDoo team now on 01 4404001 ?or?Email Us?.