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6 Tips To Improve Website Usability

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We’ve all clicked on (and quickly back off) websites that fail to meet our needs. At VooDoo, we know that what people expect and like when they browse the web. SEO may be extremely boring to some but to us it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Understanding what separates a great website from a good one will not only boost your ROI from SEO, but it will also place you way ahead of competitors who are still trying to figure out why their website is failing to convert.

1. Mobile Responsive:

Yes we harp on a bit about the importance of being mobile responsive! But the truth is if a page takes longer than 10 seconds to load from an Iphone, tablet or desktop a user will click off and you will lose custom to a competitor.

2. Minimal Scroll:

Yes ok, we know it’s kind of about being mobile responsive too ?? Try to simplify your website so that important information remains at eyelevel (at the top of each page), this maybe a call now button or social widgets. Web users are scrolling less and less (especially when preforming searches on a mobile device) keep that in mind when creating content.

3. Cross Browser Compatibility:

Ever wonder why Firefox will let you update your LinkedIn profile but Google Chrome won’t? Yeah we had that problem before, ensuring your website functions the same on Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari is really important especially for export based businesses.

4. Descriptive Link Text:

Try to explain what the user can expect to see next in the link description text. This way potential customers can decide if they want to navigate away from the page they are on or stay and take a call to action.



5. Logical Navigation:

A great website will typically have less than 6 menu items on the navigation bar. These are typically a “Home” page, a “Products/Services” tab, a “Case Studies/Testimonials” page, a “Contact Us” page and a “Blog/News Feed” tab. Any more information than this is superfluous. The goal of your website is to either get the customer to call you directly, fill out an enquiry form or make a direct purchase from the site.

6. Appearance:

Maintaining consistency across your website is vital for brand recognition and instilling trust in potential customers.

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