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Instagram Integrate Search

It’s the news I have personally been waiting for, Instagram have optimised their web interface for search. From now on Instagram users can search for stuff like people, places, products, services and hashtags on the web. This is #amazing.


The popular Facebook owned photo sharing network has explained that while is designed to be complementary to the mobile app, they realise how important the global conversations that happen on Instagram are for brands and users.

Instagram for Business

Instagram is fast becoming a marketer’s dream platform, due to its continued merge with Facebook on the ad front. Brands have a unique opportunity to target their audiences by sharing snapshots of corporate culture, products or services in action and using relevant hashtags (#) to accompany them.
Most millennial’s use Instagram as a personal scrapbook, documenting their daily lives through personal pictures and “liking” posts that interest them on the go. This new age consumer behaviour brings a window of opportunity for savvy marketers to cash in on. Optimising business posts and images by inserting links to “buy now” in the comments section is just one way in which big brands like River Island, Mac and Primark are using the social media marketing platform!

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