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AdWords Intel: Combat Fake Leads


It can be extremely frustrating when you fail to secure genuine leads via your website. Here at VooDoo, we know a thing or two about getting lead generation strategies to convert.
If like most Irish based businesses you use Google as your primary advertising platform, there are a few tricks you can use to combat “fake leads”.

Enable Auto-Tagging in Google AdWords
It is true that Google cannot control a customer’s behavior once they are on your website, but auto-tagging can identify a page view that came as a result of an AdWords ad and a view that did not. Auto-tagging is done by adding a GCLID parameter to the URL of your landing page. This tracking gives the marketer valuable insights, like:

Is the landing page generating as much qualified traffic as it should be?

If it is, well that’s great. But if it’s not you may want to consider:

-Does the landing page load quick enough/is it mobile responsive?
-Is the landing page easy to navigate?
-Does the landing page adhere to Google’s landing page guidelines?
-Is there too much personal information requested on your “enquiry” form?

Record Submissions
It is vital to record EVERYTHING when you are marketing digitally. Data and Analytics are the only way to truly tell if a campaign is working or not.

When a visitor submits an “enquiry” or a “contact us” form you need to record the IP address, the GCLID-parameter (if applicable), the referrer URL and the user agent of the visitor with each form submission.

Based on these details, you can determine if the traffic is coming from clicks on your ads and if there are any patterns that look suspicious. If you see patterns that are not cool, contact your Google AdWords account manager and have them investigated. If you don’t have an AdWords account manager it might be a good idea to get one.

Add a Captcha
Are we human or are we spammer? Yes, we recommend adding a captcha to any submission form you feature on your website, not just the forms on landing pages. Google offer a free Captcha service that is pretty handy for the amateur advertiser. If you are still getting “fake leads” even with your existing Captcha, try changing it.

If, you feel a little out of your depth when it comes to managing your Google AdWords account or optimising your lead generation strategy you can always save time and effort by calling a member of the VooDoo team today on 01 4404001 ? or?Email Us?.