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In The Spotlight: Apple’s New Search Engine

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive recently with speculation that Apple is launching their very own search engine to rival Google, Bing & Yahoo!

Rival Google you say? What the actual flog!

This rumoured Apple search engine is even thought to have a name already…“Spotlight”.

Why attempt to rival Google?

It’s no secret that Google are becoming increasingly annoying for the average user. Well thought out algorithm changes may have separated the wheat from the chaff when it comes to aiding organic search but Google’s push for paid ads may have come at a cost.

The search engine giants have been bombarding browsers with an unending stream of paid ads in recent years. Of course they have, it’s how they make their money, dangling the “First place on Google” carrot in front of amateur advertisers and making them cough up hearty chunks of mula for a nibble.

While advertisers are more than happy to pay big bucks to appear above the fold on both mobile & desktop devices, users seem pretty peeved about being forced to scroll down the screen to view sites with a little more organic relevancy or better content.

How will “Spotlight” be different?

If the rumours are true “Spotlight” will be giving users the ability to search free from ads and will be making “search” a core service on all devices. This means users will no longer need to first visit the search engine home page to preform search and when they do open the browser there will not be a paid ad in sight.

It all sounds a little too good to be true, a search engine without paid ads? Awesome idea in theory, but I can’t help thinking “Spotlight” will eventually have to give in to Paid Search in order to financially sustain itself.
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