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Digital Marketing Intel: Worried About Outsourcing?

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Finding the right mix of internet marketing services is a challenge for most businesses eager to grow quickly. Resources can be sucked dry in a matter of days by:

  • Running poorly planned PPC (Pay Per Click) ads
  • Targeting the wrong audiences
  • Writing low quality content for a blog/website
  • Not preforming accurate keyword/key phrase research
  • Failing to consistently update social media platforms

Digital Marketing can be a bit overwhelming for business owners. ?And, it seems there are only two solutions when it comes to “doing” digital.

A: Up skill and manage it, all alone

B: Hire a marketing manager and let them do it, all alone

Both options seem like sound budget saving options to cash strapped entrepreneurs. But, both options limit potential growth to the skill set and efficiency of just one person.

Can outsourcing help?

Outsourcing digital marketing to an experienced agency gives businesses of all shapes and sizes a unique opportunity to grow fast while saving money, time & hassle.


Internet/Digital marketing agencies have a team of individuals on staff all of the time, each one experts in their own field be it SEO, PPC, Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

A good digital marketing agency can provide a host of key services and strategies that will increase your sales and grow your business, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing person/team in house.

There are 4 main benefits of outsourcing digital marketing to an agency.


  • Cost Effective



Outsourcing to a digital agency gives you an opportunity to keep costs down by negating the obvious costs associated with salaries, but also by totally eliminating the need to provide training & integration with your existing business team. ?Another great advantage of partnering with an agency is scaling. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, an agency can scale your marketing projects up or down as your needs change.


  • Multiple Expertise



When you outsource to an agency, you are getting a powerhouse of marketing expertise. From amazing content writers to PPC specialists to analytics experts, you are placing your business in the hands of an experienced team of professionals focused on helping you reach (and exceed) your online marketing goals. Check out the companies we’ve helped here.


  • Fresh Perspective


Often business owners are too close to their own business to market it effectively. Bias and assuming what potential customers want without checking data and analytics can seriously hinder growth.

By outsourcing your digital marketing you will gain valuable insights into your industry through data & analytical analysis of your business. You will gain a team of professionals who can offer fresh perspective, based on marketing trends and new developments. An experienced agency will be able to generate new ideas and suggestions on new ways to market.


Outsourcing internet/digital marketing may seem like a costly option, but as this blog highlights outsourcing provides many advantages to a business eager to grow quickly. To discuss outsourcing your digital marketing to VooDoo call us today on 01 4404001 ? or?Email Us?