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Where to find your Google Ads ID number

Log in to your Google ads account:
Click the Help button in the top right corner:
You will see a Customer ID number at the end of the Help menu

You will receive an email inviting you to link to our Google Ads MCC.

Users with administrative access will be able to accept our invitation by going to the “Account access” section under “Tools & Settings”, “Setup” column in the top right corner of Google Ads account.

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Once you hit send, You will receive an email inviting you to link to our Google Ads MCC.

Our Approach to PPC

Our Approach

Running successful PPC campaigns requires professional strategy. Unlike other digital agencies, VooDoo write keyword rich, compelling ad copy and also create ideal landing environments that make your qualified clicks convert.

Why Us?

Why Choose VooDoo?

VooDoo offer absolute transparency when it comes to your Pay Per Click campaigns. Using Paid Search platforms such as Google AdWords & Bing Ads we can show you exactly how your PPC budget is being spent day-to-day along with the results of your investments.

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Thinking of a PPC Partner?

If your current PPC provider is failing to give you powerful results, it’s time to change. As a fully certified Google Partner agency it is in our best interests to keep your Paid Search campaigns performing highly. Why? Because happy clients stay with us.

"DoneDeal have been using the services of VooDoo for many years now. Since commencing this relationship, VooDoo have continually been reducing our PPC and increasing our Google ranking. I would not hesitate to recommend VooDoo's highly reliable and efficient service to any other company."

− Agnes Swaby (Marketing Manager), DoneDeal

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