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In The Spotlight: Digital Marketing for New Car Dealers

In this edition of Market Intel with VooDoo we took a look at how new car dealer franchises use Google AdWords to increase sales.

We highlight vital data and statistics in a jargon busting way, showing you how to get the most out of your AdWords campaign.

As a car dealer you need to stay on top of your competitors

The good news is your competition is not doing as well as you might think. Just one out of a hundred and one dealers ran PPC ads for five analysed areas.

It’s also not too late to start promoting your car dealership using Google AdWords. AdWords became available in Ireland in late 2000. Fourteen years later:

  • only 43% of Dublin based dealers use Google’s PPC Programme in any shape or form.
  • only 19.6% of search phrases are covered with PPC ads across the 5 areas we analysed (new car sales, used car sales, car finance, parts sales and car service)

This implies that those dealers who are currently using AdWords are not realsing the full potential of this form of advertising.

Not using Google AdWords in 2014

Choosing not to advertise using Google AdWords this year will most likely result in poorer online visibility for your car dealership.

Over the past two years Google have changed a lot of the SEO goalposts and the way that search results are presented to users. It is not only more difficult to optimise your website for good organic results, but the organic results are now often overshadowed by various types of search results. Pay per click ads, map listings, news items, image & video thumbnails are all competing with your organic rankings for users’ clicks.


Therefore, it is critical to be visible in the top part of the search engine results page. And the only way to guarantee that you are seen is by using Google AdWords and displaying PPC (Pay per Click) ads. (That’s how Google makes its money!)

Improving your online presence in 2014

There are many ways of improving your online presence, but this year pay particular attention to the following two:

  • Make sure links to your website appear on the top of search engine result page as your potential customers no longer scroll down to see results at the bottom of a page. A combination of ogranic results, pay per click ads and map listings should be enough to make you visibile.
  • If you don’t have one, develop a mobile strategy as mobile devices are already responsible for 41% of all online search queries. Make sure your website and your PPC campaigns are optimised for mobile traffic.

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