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Paid Social Media -V- Organic Social Media


Increasing sales using an organic social media strategy is hard. Valuable resources like time can be sucked dry trying to create & share brand stories that will convert.

If you’ve got money on your mind, your content must be consistently engaging enough to interrupt the average social media user. If your content fails to stop the average “scroller” in their tracks, it is not likely to convert into a sale. If social media is failing to give you the sales you want, it may be time to consider paying for a slice of the action.

Nowadays all of the most popular social media platforms are offering paid ads to users. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram all allow advertisers pay for their posts to appear in front of a very specific target audience, at a set time. This means than advertisers no longer have to earn their way onto their target audience’s news feed, they can pay for the privilege instead.

But beware!

Paying to interrupt people’s newsfeed sounds good in theory, but as most digital marketing experts know too much of a good thing can make you’re potential customers sick. Bombarding your target audience with paid content that they are just not into for whatever reason can harm your brands reputation make you appear spammy. Once interested social media users may be tempted to hit the dreaded unfollow button!

That’s why paid social media ads should only be used to complement your existing content marketing strategy.
When you share content about your business you are building your brands authority, educating potential customers and putting your business at the forefront of people’s minds should they ever find themselves in the market for your products/services. You are not directly selling to them.

Not every social media update is worthy of paid support and not every paid social media ad will make a great organic post.
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