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PPC Intel: Call Only Campaigns

Google AdWords have recently introduced call-only campaigns. These campaigns are a vital PPC tool for mobile advertisers; they simplify the purchasing path of mobile consumers.

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

These call-only campaigns allow a business to place a “call” button to the right of their PPC ad to display right at the time when their target customers are searching. If your PPC ad copy is descriptive enough your target mobile customer won’t even need to click through to your website in order to call you, they can do it straight from the search results page. An easier purchasing path means an easier sale.


This new Google AdWords feature is designed for businesses that rely on phone calls more than website clicks.

Call-only campaigns are specially designed to only show on mobile devices that can make phone calls. This means every click you pay for can be a phone call to your business. What’s more since every click goes towards a phone call, you can design a bidding strategy based specifically on your CPA or ROAS goal for calls. This helps you to squeeze the best value out of every single phone call.

“Our customers are increasingly calling us on their mobile devices to get an insurance quote. The great part about call-only ads is that they give us the ability to bid based on the value of a call so we can meet the specific ROI goals that we have set up for sales that come through the phone.”

Jason Johnson

Marketing Director, Clearlink Insurance

Make your PPC ad copy do the hard work for you…

This means tailoring your PPC ads to reflect the call to action you want your customers to take. Such as “speak to a member of our team now” or “call today to make an appointment”. Let your customers know that they can easily contact your business without needed to visit your store or click through to your website from their mobile device.

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