The difference between a "Like" and a "Lead"

Facebook Intel: The difference between a like and a lead

Increasingly we meet business owners obsessed with growing their “likes” or “followers” on social media. OBSESSED WITH IT.

Most businesses pitch “getting more likes” as their top priority, often placing “getting more likes” above generating true leads and conversions. Sounds nut’s right?!

“If we reach 10,000 likes, more people will know about us so then more people will probably buy from us”.

Social media is a difficult beast to tame. While many are lured into the seemingly effortless marketing process with promises of building an online community and generating sales, very few marketers actually SEE any ROI for their social efforts.


Because paying “€10 to reach Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn appear to place the power of lead generation firmly in the hands of the investor. They provide broad targeting options, helpful steps and easy to navigate menu’s in a bid to help part a business owner from their ad budget nice and quickly.


Yes, that’s right it’s time to get the debit cards out, this looks easy.


Sounds great so far.


We’re gonna stop here.


Because Facebook and other social platforms like them don’t curate a database of users that you can contact as leads. No, instead if you choose to generate leads from Facebook you are actually paying Facebook to build a very broad matched list of people that you can advertise to.

After some more “experiment ads” we found that while it is possible to generate a decent amount of “likes” running ads to promote our page. Those paid for “likes” rarely convert to sales.


Because not all the users that “liked” our page were seeing our posts ( a common problem for many SME’s relying on Facebook lately).

For example: If a page with over 5,000 likes post, that post would only be seen by a handful of random people who had at one time “liked” our promoted page.

Sounds Odd Right?

Not to Facebook, who have a very smart solution, you guessed it…promoted posts. Promoted posts invite the advertiser to boost the reach of a post for another few bob.

Because social media of At any time social networks (especially Facebook) can cl. Social media platforms continuously change their goalposts making it more and more difficult for businesses to generate business without coughing up for ads.

But wait didn’t you just pay to promote your page? Yes…yes you did.

You see Facebook like many other social networks need to make money. He only way to do this is through ads, dangling the carrot just enough each time to keep SME’s handing over that cold hard cash for a slice of the action.

This blog is not to bash social media, at VooDoo we use social media to engage with our target audiences, chat to friends, and look at cute cats jumping off stuff.

But in truth, getting high quality leads to your website should be a top marketing priority not trying to play “who has more likes” on social media.

Fancy making money from marketing instead of losing it? At VooDoo, we love being social, we also love helping our clients reap the rewards of tailor made marketing strategies.

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