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The things Google knows about you!

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When you search the internet you leave a trail of information behind you which is collected by the search engine you use. That search engine then builds a profile so they can tailor the best search engine results for you, both organic and paid.

  • If Google doesn’t serve the best and most relevant results suited to your profile the experience and the resulting quality is reduced.

But why do they care?

Google cares because poor usability leads to a bad customer experience and the potential of a migration to another search engine provider such as Yahoo or Bing. Google does not want that to happen EVER, and so they try lots of different tactics to make sure they know everything about you.

So what does Google know about you?

Well, by signing into your Google account and browsing, Google know your location and your age. They also know what your interests are. Even with this basic information it can tailor your search engine results. An example of this is if you searched for a garage to get your car serviced. Google would not serve you organic results for garages in Cork when you live in Dublin. The same is true for paid results (if the correct targeting is set by the garage).

  • Almost everything you see on the internet which comes via a search engine is tailored for you and is different from what other searchers are seeing. (subliminal and a tad scary right?!)

Think of Google as a massive all seeing all knowing librarian mixed with the all-powerful wizard of Oz. Once you know how it collects its’ information you can see the simple process behind the smoke and mirrors.

So for you as a business owner or manager how does all this affect you?

All business owners and managers Google their own business name and their competitors. They spend time on their own website and the website of their competitors. They type search terms into Google that they hope to be found for in either organic or paid results.

All this activity adds to their profile and so changes the results they see. This gives business owners a false perception of how their company is found by searchers.

We see it all the time here at VooDoo. Clients tell us that their competition are advertising everywhere on different websites with banner ads. When in reality is the competitor is using a remarketing campaign to advertise on websites that accepts Google AdSense.

The same is true when clients tell us that their organic rank is great or their paid search ads are ranking well, not knowing it’s their own search habits that are modifying their results.

So how can you as a business owner see a “pure” search result?

Go to and perform a search. This will give you an unfiltered view of how your company is found (or not) on Google.

  • Digital advertising is very powerful and accurate but above all is quantifiable and ever changing.

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