Free Social Media Tracking Through Google Analytics

FREE: Track Social Media Marketing Success Via Google Analytics


Measuring the impact of social media activity is essential if you want to achieve your marketing goals. Did you know that you can measure and track your social media activity in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has come a long way with regards to tracking social initiatives. There are four key elements to be aware of when attempting to define your social impact:

  1. Network Referrals:Tracking and monitoring how social media users engage with your website.
  2. Conversions:?Measuring the revenue flowing into your website as a direct result of social media activity.
  3. Landing Pages:?Knowing which pages and content are being shared, where they are being shared, and how they are being shared.
  4. Social Plugins:Adding social plugin buttons “widgets” to your website allows users share content to social networks directly from your site. Social plugin data highlights which content is being shared on which networks.

The social reports available in Google Analytics allow you to analyse all of data at one time and see the complete picture of how social media activity impacts your business.