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Why can’t I see my PPC ads on Google?

It’s natural; if you pay for something you want to see it. We all need that tangible evidence that our marketing investments are paying off. Admittedly, PPC is not the most exciting thing to discuss, but holy moly when you see your ad appear on the first page of Google…now that’s exciting!

But wait…

What happens when you invest resources into PPC, strategically planning and placing your brands killer ads then they fail to appear when you search? What the hell is going on?!!

First things first, do not frantically search for your own keywords. This will rack up impressions and lower your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Keep calm and carry on reading…

Log into your AdWords account and go to the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. Here you will see what you your ad looks like in a faux-browser. This will allow you to mess around, type in keywords and confirm that your ad is showing without skewing your data.


If you hover your cursor over the speech bubble in the “Status” column of the ad of interest you will get more information about why your ad may not be running plus hints and tips to get it back working.

If this fails to provide you with answers or peace of mind you can always glance back in the AdWords interface, if your ad is accumulating data then you know it is doing ok.

The reason you don’t see your ad appear when you search could also be for very simple reasons.

Did you:

  • Set a different target location to your location when you set the ad up?
  • Are you in the same time-zone that your ad is targeted to?
  • Did you specify a time of day that your ad is to appear different from when you searched?
  • Use up your daily PPC budget?

Sometimes we get so excited about seeing our ad’s appear in the SERPs that we don’t think as rationally about things as we should. If you’re still having trouble locating your PPC ads give one of our PPC specialists a call on 01 4404001 ? or?Email Us?.